The skills, qualifications and talent of an Aerobatic Pilot far exceed those required of a regular pilot, which is why it is important to understand the demands of the job physically and mentally before deciding on becoming one. As an Aerobatic Pilot, your job requires you to explore the limits of yourself AND your aircraft under challenging conditions by applying highly specialized technically supported precision flying strategies in a specifically built aircraft.

You will master our 8KCAB Decathlon as you loop, roll and spin the aircraft.

CASA Part 61 Spinning Flight Activity Training Course details:
CASA Part 61 Aerobatics (3000) Flight Activity Training Course details:

Our basic Aerobatics course, like all Part 61 training, is competency based and is scheduled for 10Hrs of flying and numerous ground briefings.

  • Part 61 MOS Syllabus
  • Passionate & Experienced Instructors
  • Instructors CASA Approved
  • 8KCAB American Champion Aircraft
  • We do not cut corners on our training so In order to meet the Part 61 Competencies, you will be proficient at;
          Aileron Rolls
          Barrell Rolls
          Stall Turns
          Full Spin and Recovery
  • Enjoy grass runways, No landing fees and No CTA Training at YCAB.
  • Contact – Paul Strike 0412 970 855 or
  • We can come to you by appointment.