Ground Theory Courses

The team at Strike Aviation Training know what it is like to study for exams. We have all been there and want to help you along your aviation journey. Some people can self-study and others benefit from a structured classroom environment. Our "Face to Face" theory training will help you prepare for various exams.

Our courses vary from a few hours to a few weeks as required by the content. Providing you engage in the training and do your homework; you will be better placed to ace that test.

THE LEARNING NEVER ENDS - There is always something new to learn in aviation but in the early stage the amount of knowledge thrown at you is like "Drinking from a Firehose".

You might capture enough to pass the exam, but it is important to review the content regularly to remember fundamental concepts that may have passed by. Other theory/practical training such as our Tailwheel, Aerobatics and UPRT Courses are ideal for those pilots with more experience to learn new skills and “Get Back to Basics” to review concepts that passed by during initial training.

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