RAAus Training

Recreational Aviation is all about Safe, Accessible, Fun and Enjoyable Aviation.

Getting Started

On your very first flight you will take the controls and learn about the effects of those controls. (Don’t worry, all training aircraft have dual controls so the instructor can help you out) You will gain a good understanding of what the engine, ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps do and how each also influences the other.

RAAus Syllabus

A minimum of 20 hours is required which includes 5 hours of solo time.

You will learn:
  • Primary Controls and theireffects
  • Secondary Controls
  • Straight & Level flight
  • Climbing & Descending
  • Turns
  • Stalls
  • Circuits
  • Training area navigation
  • Steep turns
  • Precautionary search
  • Forced approach
  • Flight test
  • Exams
RAAus Endorsements

Take your recreational pilots (RPC) certificate to the next level!

  • Passenger endorsement (5 hours of additional solo time)
  • Cross country (12 hours of flying to new places)
  • Tailwheel (competency based and a lot of fun)
  • Formation (advanced pilot skills and team building)