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Pilot Training

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About Strike Aviation Training

Learn to Fly Today!

Located out of Caboolture airfield just north of Brisbane and in the vicinity of Bribie Island and the Glass House Mountains, Strike Aviation Training offer initial flight training on RAAus aircraft and further advanced general aviation (GA) training on the Decathlon and Cessna 172.

Our instructors are CASA licenced commercial pilots, and offer training on a part-time or full-time basis. Strike Aviation offers a safe, affordable and fun training program on our selection of aircraft.

Our Services

RAAus Pilot Training

Recreational aviation is about safe, fun and enjoyable flying. The first flight will be an introduction to flying and you will be able to take the controls and learn what these flight controls do. All training aircraft have dual controls so the instructor can help you out. This will be your TIF (Trial Introductory Flight) and will count as time in your logbook if you decide to go ahead and take flying lessons.

GA Training

Paul is a Grade 2 GA instructor and operates in conjunction with a CASA Certified Part 141 flying school. We can provide initial GA Flight Training for RPL, PPL leading to CPL. We can also assist if you want to convert your RAAus certificate to a RPL. Ask for more details.

Tailwheel Training

We offer GA tailwheel training based on the Part 61 MOS syllabus which is competency based. Our instructors are passionate and experienced in tailwheel training and this is where our flying ‘roots’ are based, we were taught on tailwheel aircraft. We can fly to you if needed.

Formation Flying

Formation flying is fun and very disciplined as you work within a team. Your flying skills will improve and add to your skill set. The flights are local and shorter in time but are very satisfying and of course look awesome from the ground and in the air!


Want to recognise and recover from an unusual and/or upset aircraft attitude? This type of training also improves your flying skills greatly and offers safety training in case of the "what if" scenarios. The competency based training will be a combination of theoretical knowledge and flying training to prevent and recover from a situation if the airplane unintentionally exceeds the parameters for operations and training.

Converting Pilot

Do you have an RAAus certificate and want a RPL or vice versa? Conversion can be made from an Australian or overseas pilot license including other sport organisations including HGFA (Hand Gliding Federation of Australia), ASRA (Australian Sport Rotorcraft Assoc.) & GFA (Gliding Federation of Australia). Ask for more details.